Thanks for volunteering to help salvaging small parts for OCBC!

Here are some general principles:

You are removing fasteners and small parts from brake levers (one box) and brake caliper arms (two boxes). Put the parts you remove into the blue bins with like parts.

CAUTION: some parts may have pieces of cable attached to them. Use care with these sharps!

When you have removed everything that can be removed with the tools you have been provided, put the levers and arms each in their own “done” piles, and when the boxes are empty, return them to their empty box If you run out of time before all the boxes are empty, combine the two caliper arm boxes into one, and just put all the done arms and levers together in the empty box.

Tool List:
2 phillips screwdrivers
2 flat screwdrivers
1 Y allen wrench
1 Y box end wrench
1 folding allen wrench
1 10mm open/box end wrench

ALWAYS replace washers, spacers, springs, etc. on the threaded fastener (e.g. screws, bolts, brake pad shafts, etc.) that they were removed from, and:

If the parts are held on the fastener with a nut, thread the nut back on the fastener to hold the parts on, and tighten slightly with the wrench, so it does not unscrew easily.

If the bolt is screwed directly into the lever or arm (so there is no nut) put the fastener with any washers etc. that were on it together in one blue bin.

“Cantilever” brake pads (the ones with an un-threaded shaft) are held on with a draw-bolt and some funny shaped washers. When you remove the pad from the arm, the washers won’t stay on the bolt: just put those together in one blue bin also.

If you find parts not described here, take them apart if possible, put the big pieces with either “done” pile, and the fasteners and all washers etc. in the blue bin with the fasteners that do not have nuts.

If parts are on too tight to remove, or don’t fit any categories listed here, put them aside in a “don’t know” pile.

Thanks again for doing this: you are reducing the amount of new materials we need to buy, by helping us to reuse valuable small parts, and making our waste much easier to recycle at the same time!