The OCBC puts several hundred bicycles a year on the road, and benefits from thousands of hours of work donated by our wonderful volunteers. Students, both adults and younger, take hundreds of classes. Each one of these events creates a data point, and we could not operate efficiently without access to this data.

To manage it, we have developed a simple database software package to organize our records and allow for easy searching. Our current software's core was written by member Ethan Fry in 2005, and it has since been extended by staff member Peter Garver.

OCBC asks all volunteers to use the database system. We do not, however, require any personal information other than an emergency contact phone number.

Main functions

The software has several main jobs, which it performs most days of the week:

  • Tracking Volunteer hours - We give all volunteers a credit for the volunteering, which they can use to obtain education, services, and used parts and bicycles. We track these by asking the volunteers to log in on the database system.

  • Logging bicycle transfers - Any time we sell a bicycle, grant one to an individual, or present one to an Earn A Bike graduate, the bicycle's description and serial number, as well as its new owner, are recorded in the computer. This allows us to help if a bike is stolen, and tells us how many bikes we are bringing back to the road.

  • Storing member histories - The computer system allows us to know what members and volunteers have done in the past, and what education they have received. This allows us to better serve them both in their personal needs and in providing them with a more valuable volunteering experience.

  • Storing emergency information - We require all volunteers to enter an emergency contact number, and the numbers are easily retrievable from the administration mode.


The software has two principle modes: the main screen, and various screens which are accessible only in password-protected administration mode.

The main screen allows members to log in and view lists of their transactions. It is also where new members create their accounts. However, it does not allow members to change any data or view personal information.

The administration mode allows staff to view or member information, edit or add transactions, add, edit, or transfer bicycles, and run reports to generate lists of members who fit certain criteria.

Individual screens

Some individual screens can be viewed in an image gallery: Volunteer Software Images

The images have detailed descriptions, and are taken directly from the software, except for the blurring of non-public personal details.

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