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OCBC is NOT a retail bike shop: we do bike-repair education, and that means we have repaired bikes for sale. We have a wide selection of styles and sizes of bikes for kids and adults, in a wide range of price levels, but, during the season they are not all ready to take home the day you choose one(see "PLEASE NOTE" below). We provide the same service as a new-bike shop for choosing, test riding, fitting and equipping the best bike for your needs.

We want to help people get started (or re-started) riding with a good, reliable bike that fits right. While we love projects like single-speeds, custom-built bikes are a ways beyond our scope for now, so we'll ask anyone who wants something special to take (or test out of) our Shop classes, and use the shop to customize it themselves.

PLEASE NOTE: the OCBC is primarily dedicated to bike education, and since we are also committed to high mechanical standards for the bikes we sell, with all-volunteer work, that takes some time, sometimes. So you may have to wait several weeks for the bike you purchase to be fully refurbished. If the bike you choose is paid in full, we can give you a loaner of equal value if you need transportation while you wait. If you want to speed things up, you can help fix your bike on a Wednesday night Wednesday Apprentice Night: it won't reduce the price, but you will get some shop credit, some education, and a great chance to "bond" with your new bike. We've been pleased that so many folks so far have understood this, and hope you will too.

All bikes we sell will have been thoroughly checked for safety and reliability, and come with free adjustments for three months, but, being used, carry no warranty from the manufacturer or from OCBC as to durability or dependability. Sorry, we can't take trade-ins or buy bikes — try the (external link) forum, or (external link).

Whether new or used, inexpensive bikes are not an economical choice for high mileage with minimal maintenance, or for hard riding, like hucking down drop-offs or riding through rivers. Depending on its intended use, a used bike may be the best choice for you; if not, we'll gladly point you toward a shop for the best new bike to suit your needs.

City Bikes:

Image by landotter (external link)

These are the original version of what are now being marketed as "hybrid bikes." They feature turned-back, city (or "falcon") handlebars for an upright position; three, five or ten speeds; and are already equipped with fenders (and often with a rack). A city bike is a good compromise between speed and stability; comfort and responsiveness; and durability and economy. In this category we have many inexpensive models, several collectible classics, and a few newer "hybrids." Priced from $50 to $250, most around $100.

Road Bikes:

Image by halfandheart (external link)

These bikes with dropped, road (or "ten-speed") handlebars and skinny tires offer the best aerodynamic position and lowest rolling resistance, for the fastest, most efficient ride. For "sport-touring" or racing bikes, these bikes will be as nimble as a new bike for about 1/4 the price - the main difference is that the older bikes we have don't feature integrated brake/shift levers, so shifting takes a bit more skill. So if you are planning to race, or ride with racer-types, you'll probably want a new bike! Priced from $50 to $350 ; most with better, aluminum wheels start around $150.

Mountain Bikes:

Image by hamitup95828 (external link)

Straight, mountain handlebars for good leverage and heavy-duty, long wheelbase frames and wider tires make these bikes slower, but ideal for riding on rough, loose surfaces, or for carrying heavy loads. Most do not have suspension forks or the newer, sealed bearings, so these may not be as good a choice for "technical" dirt riding as a new model, but a rigid fork is lighter and lower-maintenance, so they make great casual off-road cruisers, or, with smooth tires, very durable city bikes. Priced from $50 to $250, most around $200.

Kids' Bikes:

Image by clappstar (external link)

Mostly inexpensive BMX style (12, 16 or 20" wheel) bikes, these are not as indestructible as the newer street, flatland or dirt jumping bikes, but offer an inexpensive way to get kids riding, and come with an economical trade-up offer: within two years you can trade in an OCBC kids' bike, in reasonable condition, for a credit of half the price of the smaller bike when you get a larger size, until they stop growing! Priced from $30 to $250, most around $60. We also offer special kids' memberships, to make their early cycling years safer, less mechanically troubled, and more fun. Also, we're happy to let anyone use a "balance bikes" if they are just learning: see How to Ride a Two-wheeler.

Each bike comes with:

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