Standard Shop Jobs

I'm not going for pith with these names - more trying to give a sense of what the module is about.

Anybody Jobs

  • Cleaning a Bike
  • Checking Tubes
  • Patching Tubes
  • Despoking a wheel
  • Detiring (link to filing tubes/tires)
  • Checking chains for re-use
  • Checking cables for re-use
  • Stripping parts from scrap bikes

Split these all into "keep or scrap" and "sort into categories" (Put quality (i.e. condition) evaluation here, and use above "info. on parts" for categories? Because categories will also be self evident from box labels and contents, so categories are education, and sorting is really evaluation and then categorizing... remember some (derailers, cranks, pedals others?) will be done best on bikes. Often we categorize first because it is easier to explain, but is a waste to sort junk parts (like the tires for Sat.)

Advanced Jobs

  • Evaluating take-in bicycles (determining their fate)
  • Preparing a bicycle for sale (obviously advanced, but also clearly a discrete shop job - maybe it shouldn't be on this list, but it's already written and easy to remove from here)
  • Safety Check (should this be here? I guess the question is: are these just for beginners, or should there be some for more advanced volunteers? - more advanced stuff below)
  • Wheel Evaluation
  • Wheel Rehabilitation
  • Derailleur Rehabilitation (if we run short on a certain type, a volunteer could look for spare parts and rebuild ones with missing parts)
  • Identifying and marking useful parts on bikes to be stripped

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