Shop class description for instructors and teaching info
NOTE: for 2009 we are restructuring our class series to better serve our members' and students needs, so notes to accomplish that are being written here:

The links to individual classes below are more current than the outlines that follow them: expect changes to be hand written on the printed outline that the instuctor will follow.

If you are interested in teaching this and want to help develop this curriculum, please email for access.

Make Maintenance Class series more focused on basic tune-up procedures, and more complete; with focus on safety, reliability, economy and efficiency (SREE!). present general concepts, examples of failure, diagnosis tips, prevention and repair — NOT hands-on practice of any except on-the-road repairs, for beginners to want all the info on basic skills, but with minimal lab time. Include email handout with links for home reference, basic tool kit, and credit for 2 hrs shop time (members monday)?

Add Repair Class series for build-a-bike to cover overhaul (remove and replace parts) procedures, and shop-use (or should that be in a separate member orientation?) Being done ad hoc Members Mondays 2009 Spring — shop use fee only.

Can we write an on-line test-out for either or both(vestigal Repair Class) of these courses? Relying on tests may be counterproductive.

Time — Ours: when would we schedule another class series? Can we do this ad-hoc for individuals, as we do now?

Member's: they could need 2 months to qualify to build a bike.

Class Structure

The standard OCBC shop class curriculum consists of four classes, each of which consists of several related elements. The classes can each be broken down into at least two smaller modules, but these modules are somewhat interwoven when the curriculum is presented in the usual way. (this is old from PG)

For someone already familiar with the curriculum, these outlines alone will be a good memory aid for teaching the course (see above). For someone who is experienced in bicycle repair but not in the OCBC curriculum, the full documents for each should provide enough information to teach the classes well, but it would not be possible to teach the class from the curriculum - a new instructor should study the curriculum fully and learn the information, then teach from the outlines.


Intro see tires and flats below — combined class is too long, but necessary due to scheduling constraints (reconcile this). This very limited class may be offered in 2009 06 on Mondays to members, or Wed. to vols.
TiresAndFlats (Bike Basics?)

Demo Parts List



[T] Talking - The instructor is talking
[A] Action - The students are doing something


[T] Course overview, parts of bike
[A] Safety check
[T] Adjustments, ABCQChk/3S's
[T] 3L's, Quick release, clockwise, lock-nut theory
[T] pedal removal, chain issues (limits, breakage)
[T] General fit
[T] Seatpost, stem height
[A] Threaded stem adjust, lube
[A] Seatpost height adjust
[A] Mounting and dismounting
[T] Chain lube (and replacing onto gears), air tires
[A] Chain lube (and replacing onto gears), air tires, safety check (instructor check)

Flats (updated page outline needs transferred here)

[A] Tire removal / replacement
[T] Fixing flats
[T] Types of flats, diagnosis
[A] Wheel removal / replacement
[A] Tube removal / replacement 2

Wheels and Bearings

[A] Repair stand use (optional)
[T] Parts of a wheel
[T] Wheel theory
[T] Modes of failure
[T] Bearing theory
[T] Where bearings are found
[A] Evaluating hub bearing adjustment
[A] Adjusting hub bearings
[A] Advanced hub adjustment
[T] Truing stand use
[A] Wheel care - cleaning and lube
[A] Wheel truing

Brakes and Cables

[A] Repair stand use (as needed)
[T] Cable theory
[T] Advanced cable theory
[A] Lubing cables
[T] Barrel adjusters
[T] Types of brakes
[T] Brake adjust theory
[T] Adjusting brakes - cable tension
[T] Adjusting brakes - pad position
[T] Adjusting brakes - centering
[T] Brake adjust theory
[A] Adjusting Brakes
[A] Brake pad care

Gears and Chain

[T] Chain theory - rollers, pins, wear
[A] Chain lubing - preventing the wear
[A] Chain measuring - finding out about wear
[T] Chain replacement - once it's worn
[A] Chain tool use
[T] Segue to gear replacement
[T] Rear gears - cassette vs. freewheel
[T] Chainline
[T] Chainrings / crank / bb
[T] Derailleur theory
[A] Adjusting limit screws
[A] Adjusting indexed derailleurs (as needed)

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