OCBC's weekly Saturday Safe Social Ride

Every Saturday at 10am, we meet at the co-op for a short (<10 mile) ride. We almost always have a destination, like an art exhibit, street fair, or the beach. It's a casual, easy, friendly ride: no one is dropped, so we go at the pace of the slowest riders. It's free (though donations are of course appreciated), and includes loaner bikes and helmets, if you need them. Here are a few points to remember:

  • Saturday - The ride is every Saturday morning: someone is at the co-op by 10am, we leave by 10:30, and are back by noon (though sometimes folks will break off and ride longer on their own). We ride year-round, in any weather. This includes winter, and if you've never ridden when it's cold before, you might find it fun (in the same way skiing is, only cheaper!). We have some warm clothes (earmuffs, hats, gloves, scarves) and bikes with fenders you can borrow. Your normal winter coat and boots are probably more than warm enough. We do take major holidays off, which are announced on our calendar (external link) at least a few weeks in advance.
  • Safe - We ride legally, and safely, on all of our rides, including the Saturday social ride. This means stopping for stop signs and obeying all traffic laws. We'll give a brief explanation of what this means (and a mechanical safety check) before we ride for anyone who needs it. We also require everyone on the ride to wear a helmet. If you don't have one, you can use one of ours.
  • Social - Cycling a good way for people to get out and have some fun. We want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves and socialize, so we don't go too fast (though anyone is welcome to do wind sprints if they're so inspired), we don't drop anyone, and we try to make sure that newcomers have a good time by visiting places of interest to them.
  • Ride - It's a great chance to get out and enjoy a bike. If you don't have one, you can use one of ours. We also have small bikes to borrow if you want to bring your riding children along, and trailers if you want to bring your not-yet-riding children! The ride is also a great chance to test ride different types of bikes if you're thinking of buying one, and, if you'd like to be more comfortable riding in traffic, a great time to practice bike handling skills you can learn in our Bike Drivers' Ed class.

Our next ride is this Saturday at 10am - meet us at OCBC and let's go for a ride!

Look here (external link) for directions to the OCBC.

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