Parking Design Contest
(JS 2008/06/10) Note: This wiki is for discussion of rack design contest rules and judging (below): other grant "deliverables" are pretty well set, but if you have concerns about those (signage, training materials, etc.), here (first) are some notes from our most recent parking experience, at Parade the Circle:

parking kit for 100-200 bikes includes:

fence (green preferred), 3x100 ft.?
Stakes (1/20ft. of fence) (we have 20)
Slide hammer for stakes (some way to secure stakes on hard surfaces is needed)
12" innertube sections as fence ties (1 top, 1 bottom for each stake, extra whole tubes for trees)
10 Racks, + crib rails to tie to stakes
Donation jug
Display boards


12 wire 2 sided signs for directions to parking (4ea. left, right and straight arrowed)
Large Free Bike Parking banner
OCBC banner, sponsor (CB) banners
Presta tubes to hang banners
10 numbered signs for rack ID's

Box of supplies:

training manual (see below)
Safety check poster
Other public info posters (helmet fit, ride right, etc)
2-part tickets
rubberbands to put tickets on grips for bikes with un-crossed spokes
poker chips or similar flat, stackable bases for kickstand on grass
plastic bags for seats
vol. supplies:
clipboard and list for sign in -WITH EMERGENCY PHONE #'s
1st aid
hand wash


bike wash
tool wrap
extra multi-allen, adjustable wrench
zip ties

Waterjugs and cups

For Sale:

creditcard machine
bags (plastic and used seat/handlebar?)
stickers - OCBC special?
NOACA maps
Gift Certificates


OCBC flyers
next OCBC event flyer
Safety Check
CB cards
LBS cards
Street Smarts
LAB info
event map and schedule


other emergency stuff:

spare bike
phone# for event security

training manual

notes from Parade the Circle:
On Take-in:
greet with "free, in-out allowed", no locking needed, here until X o'clock, put first name and phone on ticket (set on bike seat, hand pen), in case you aren't here by then. Lock to tree if planning to stay late)

Spoke spreading
rack, kickstand-base use demo
strollers OK — Bags too?

on pick-up:
Safety check: min. steering, brakes and air, oil
donations appreciated
helmet fit, other security (pants, Shoelaces, bags)
route info
give OCBC lit.

rack design contest

Here are outline notes from emails to begin this:To Colectivo:

OCBC would like to meet with Colectivo members interested in volunteering to judge the design contest for parking racks soon, for their input on our design criteria and competition format, prior to announcing the competition. Specific issues to address include:

Criteria: We need to prioritize the goals of portability, durability and ease of assembly described in our proposal. Ease of construction and reuse of bicycle parts should also be weighted heavily, plus a strong focus on life-cycle-costing and environmental impacts.

(JS 2008/06/10)

DRAFT contest language:

The winning design will be simple for untrained volunteers to use (not let bikes fall over, accept any wheel and tire sizes, not damage derailers, fenders, or disk brakes, etc.); easy to transport (lightweight, collapsible or stack-able) and set up (few or no tools required); durable (for 5 years of expected use); and simple to construct and repair, of sustainable materials, with reuse of bicycle parts favored, and life-cycle-costing and environmental impacts considered.

This above order is how criteria should be weighted, probably, but this may be difficult to pin down, as, say, a really cheap, simple, durable rack made of bike parts, that is a little harder to use and set up, may win out.

Do criteria need to be explicit?

Eligibility: existing products may compete; if a winning design is commercially available, the prize, and materials allotment would go toward purchase. (in searching, we have not seen anything we like yet, but don't want to limit out useful products that may turn up). Local entries may be favored. Colectivo and OCBC members NOT excluded?

We would like to meet with all interested colectivo members, to come up with a final panel of 5 or so, including hopefully those with design, engineering, fabrication, and judging experience.

Anyone interested may email or call the co-op and we will forward more details and poll the group for a good meeting time.

Remember that when we have chosen a design later this season, we may be asking colectivo members as a group to do a done-in-a-day fabrication party, as they requested.

Original proposal:

Amount you are requesting from The Cleveland Colectivo ($500-$5,000) and a brief description of how it will be spent:

This proposal is for $3370 to develop, produce, and purchase materials to improve our existing bicycle valet parking service, presented free to participants at area events to encourage and facilitate choosing cycling over automobile transportation, by making this service more attractive, efficient, and professional.

Elements of this proposal are:


a design contest to develop durable, lightweight, portable, bike parking racks.

production of the winning design(s) by OCBC volunteers.

production and purchase of professional quality informational signs at the parking area to inform users, aid volunteers, and recognize sponsors; and around the event perimeter to direct cyclists to the bike parking area.


purchase of a tent; and tools and supplies that can be dedicated to a parking “kit,” rather than periodically depleting our regular shop supplies

A training manual for volunteers to reference on site

The above activities would be carried out by the fall of 2008.

How many people are/will be actively affiliated with this project/idea?

We hope for eight entrants in the design competition; we plan for a panel of five judges; and expect that five to fifteen OCBC staff and volunteers will work on the implementation of this project.

Community support and partner organizations:

OCBC's board of trustees, with members from the membership and the broader community, have endorsed this proposal; and the groups that have contracted for this parking service are partner organizations:

Earth Day Coalition, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Metroparks, Cleveland Bikes, City of Cleveland, Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland YMCA, University Circle Inc., Walk and Roll Cleveland, Northshores Development Corporation, Great Lakes Brewery, Slavic Village Development Corporation.

How many people will be impacted (directly or indirectly) by this project/idea and in what way(s)?

Material improvements to OCBC's parking service over their expected design life of five years will affect about 6000 people, as we park around 100 bikes per event, and expect to expand from nine to 15 events during that time. As some events where we park bikes have tens of thousands of attendees, those indirectly influenced may realistically be in the scores of thousands, as even those who don't use the service will at least observe the legitimized status it lends to cycling for transportation. Additionally, we have met many people who did not ride to a particular event, but who nonetheless stop at the bike parking area for information, or just to chat. As they may be inspired to ride to the next event, it is these people whom we perhaps most hope to impact with a professionally presented service.

Would you be willing to accept partial funding and how would it effect your project?

Yes. We would fund items in the above work plan from the top of the list first, and work down. We would welcome creative ideas from Colectivo members and others to reduce costs of purchased materials.

Project description:


How you came up with the idea.

OCBC founding member Jim Sheehan's first experience with an event that needed temporary, secure bicycle parking was in volunteering with the Earth Day Coalition to present Bike for the Earth in conjunction with Earthfest at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in 1991. At that event shipping pallets were lashed together to form A-frames, and long 2x4's were wedged between chain-link fencing and the soft spring earth to provide additional parking space. When the co-op was founded in 2000, Jim brought his ongoing relationship with that event under the purview of the OCBC, and, after garnering advice from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (which has a contract to provide bike parking at all Giants home games), OCBC made this a regular program (outlined at (external link), as it very effectively advances the group's mission to “help others use bicycles to improve their lives.”

This service is provided to event organizers for a fee, with the stipulation that it be free to event attendees, which is an important factor in its widespread use.

The goals (between 3-5) by which you will measure your project’s success

Evaluation of this program is based on measurement of the number of events contracting for this service; changes in the percentage of event attendees using the service for repeat events; feedback from users, which will be gathered with voluntary surveys; and surveys of new co-op visitors which offer as a reply to “How did you learn about OCBC” the choice “used/visited/heard of bike parking service at ___ event.”

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