We will be using this document to develop an orientation for new co-op members (meaning people who have just completed the classes and are ready to take advantage of their member benefits).

2009.02 current offer clinics on Mon and Wed for personal time, will formalize that with "bike build" nights or schedule clinics for class fee as instructor time is available.

This following idea is on hold: 11/08 plan is for class grads to have 1 month to do beginner tasks to earn personal shop time (or get time with classes that can be "unlocked" by doing apprentice nights or tasks) or some such to ensure that grads have practiced maintenance tasks before starting on own work.

Advanced (repair) students will have to take apprentice night clinics in addition to do more than maintenance (tune up) personal work.

Tool use including stands and supplies needs to go here — see JJD notes below

Project shed policies too.

Also mention Retail training task JS 2209 02 13

Card with hours and policies

website log in not the same as clock in, tasks and clinics, make a page for this all!

JJD New Member Orientation Notes 2/9/09

2nd or Shop Orientation

Tool wrap or board - inventory methods? staff and/or member

baskets - cleaner, abrasives, lubes

putting bike in stand -
- lube seatpost and binder bolts
- clamp by seatpost

  • don't overtighten stand clamp and bend adjuster bolt
  • dont't pull head unit all the way out or it will drop on your foot!

Bike goes in stand chain stand out (towards work bench)

  • don't fip bike with wheels on (hits ceiling)
  • don't flip bike on portable stands - not safe

- lube bike, loosen pedals, loosen stem before bike's in stand
- miscelaneous bucket on floor

parts aisle

Small parts bins
- small bolts, washers
- new parts need keys from Jim/Al
-radio - closest person changes to station with music
- rags - tray w/blue brush and a clean and dirty rag

tool cabinets locked - Jim/Al have keys

steel and aluminum scarp
bench brushes
power tools - drill, dremel, googles

lube refill location
air hose - 80lbs, presta adapter
tire hook and wheel hook
tubes - used and new

three R's

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