OCBC membership is a way for anyone to learn bike repair skills, use our shop and tools to work on their own bikes, and get discounts on new and used parts. The focus of the OCBC is on education, so full membership involves either taking our repair classes or testing out of them by volunteering to repair a bike, to demonstrate basic knowledge.

Anyone wishing to support the organization without the classes or personal shop use can become Supporting Members.

The OCBC is a also a volunteer-driven organization: we want anyone who wants to help with our work (and learn at the same time) to do so easily. Membership is not required to volunteer, nor is volunteering required to be a member. We try to make doing both easy and attractive, though, because volunteer work not only supports the shop, but it gives members practice with the skills they learn in the classes.

For any time spent volunteering, anyone gets $5/hour credit toward purchases of bikes, used parts, simple labor, classes, and membership. Volunteering credits do not apply to some new parts, some special classes or Crankmail subscription. (However, volunteering credit is the only way to get some of our nicest used parts: we want to reward our dedicated volunteers more than we want whatever cash we could get for a Campy Delta brake set!)

OCBC membership program

Supporting Membership

Anyone who contributes $40 (or 8 hours of time volunteering) per year gets:
  • First Shop Class (Basic maintenance and how to fix a flat)
  • 15% discount on all products, new or used, and simple labor
  • One free, while-you-watch bike check-up (Safety Check, Adjust, Lubrication and Evaluation)
  • Free library of books and videos
  • Regular email news and monthly specials
  • Regular members' meetings in conjunction with rides and events: free food!
  • Crankmail (Local bicycling newsletter) subscription discount

Regular Membership

You can become a member of the co-op by paying $80 or volunteering 16 hours, and taking our classes. Renewal for future years is half as much. Being a member entitles you to:
  • All of the above benefits of supporting membership
  • A permanent subscription to our series of four bicycle repair classes, which will allow you to be comfortable with how your bike works and fix most issues

Once you have attended each class at least once, you also get:
  • The use of our shop and tools, and advice, to work on your bike
  • Help working on common tasks if you forget how, or if we didn't cover the specific task in the classes
  • The use of our library of bikes, shoes, pedals, car racks, trailers, panniers, locks, and other parts (some of these require a deposit)
  • "As-is" purchase price on some unrepaired bicycles
  • Swap privileges on some bicycle parts

Frequent Volunteer Status

After three months, for volunteering an average of 10 hours/month, all Regular Members automatically receive a 30% discount on all purchases.

Key Volunteer Status

Frequent volunteers who commit to a schedule of 10 hours/month of volunteering or helping with Earn-A-Bike classes are eligible to be trained in shop management procedures, and receive a 45% discount on all regular purchases.

Trustee Status

Until Spring of 2007, this required one year of membership and 100 hours of volunteering, but since that time, to encourage member participation in the co-op's governance, any current member with 20 hours of involvement in co-op activities (volunteering, personal shop use, or even just joining our Saturday rides) over the previous year is eligible for election (at our June annual meeting) to the board of trustees of the co-op. Trustees receive the same benefits as Key Volunteers.

Kids' Membership

To encourage the development of future cyclists, we offer a special membership for people from 8 to 18 years old:

  • Those who have successfully completed any Earn-A-Bike course are welcome, with a parent or parent-designated adult, to use the shop for personal work or volunteer for shop credit to "trade up" their Earn A Bike, and join our group rides on Saturday mornings, receiving the same benefits as adult members.

  • Those who have not enrolled in an Earn-A-Bike course can earn a bike (with a helmet and lock) by volunteering (with a parent or parent-designated adult) for 10 hours and joining 3 Saturday rides. They may then take the Basic Shop Class for free, get assistance to repair the bike they have earned with their parent or designated adult, and get the same membership as other Earn A Bike students, as above.

It sounds complicated, but what it amounts to is an Earn A Bike course for those kids who are not able to enroll in an Earn A Bike course because of limited space, or time. Parents or designated adults earn a membership for their time spent volunteering with their child.

Group Membership

OCBC's mission to "help anyone help others use bicycles to improve their lives" is in part a commitment to fostering bike education programs that other groups wish to undertake. To that end we offer a program for any group — from a school district to a scout troop — to gain the skills and resources to promote cycling to others. By hiring OCBC for a minimum of 4 hours of instruction at our standard rate of $75/hour to train any number of their staff and/or volunteers, any group gets;
  • 30% discount on educational materials and supplies for their programs (e.g. tools; helmets and locks for rodeos; bikes for Earn A Bike programs)
  • free used repair parts (i.e. for community-bike maintenance)
  • OCBC shop credit of $5/hour for each individual for the time they participated in the group's training, which they may use towards OCBC membership, classes, bicycles or parts.
Please see our page with advice on starting a bike education program.

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