Minutes from OCBC's Board of Trustees Meeting, October 4, 2006

In attendence were Board President and Director Jim Sheehan, Board members John Dido and John Mikolich, members Hollis Geary and Kevin Senich and Assistant Director Peter Garver

Discussed recent break-in of project shed, and attempted break-in of shop: Jim moved that we approve expenditure of <$300 for web camera and motion-sensor/floodlight to monitor yard activity. John seconded, will consult with friend Brian D. on equipment choices. Passed unanimously.

Peter prepared a grantseeking map? to outline the document we are working from (available to board members at GrantIdeas) for discussion. Relavent discussions included:

On-site programs:
Fix-a-thon grant: This is a very popular, useful and educational program, a grant would improve our ability to ensure its expansion (and get better food!)

Bikes Overseas: a shipping container in the yard for for these would reduce attractiveness to thieves, but not eliminate scrap pile, which is still an attraction.

Retail training is needed for vols.
Fix-a-thon will be only open for class grads. in 07.

Off-site programs will include Rec Ctr EAB (for new bikes)or G(et)AB, for less work to get a used bike... Shop Relations is needed for several reasons.

Adjourned 8:00

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