OCBC maintains a fleet of bicycles for use in our educational programs. The bikes are used infrequently, and most of the time they are available for loan to our regular members or for rent to anyone who needs a bike to ride. This provides an educational opportunity - you can learn what it feels like to ride different types of bikes. Rental fees also help fund our programs.

Normal vs. Performance

We have a wide range of bicycles available for rent, which are broadly divided into two categories: normal bikes and performance bikes. If you need a bike to go riding around, a normal bike will probably be what you're looking for. If you are racing, or if you want to do serious off-road riding, you may want a performance bike.

Our normal bikes cover a range of styles: older road and mountain bikes, some nice modern hybrids and comfort bikes, some cruisers, and a few more interesting bikes - we have a fully restored vintage rod-brake Raleigh Tourist if that's what you need for your ride around town.

Expect performance mountain bikes to have quality suspension (some hardtails, some full). Performance road bikes have either integrated brake/shifters or bar-ends (the bar-ends can be placed on the end of aerobars or at the bottom of the drops). If the last two sentences didn't make sense to you, you will probably want to rent a normal bike.

Rental rates and terms:

The most important thing to know is that we only take deposits by check, and you must leave a check for the full value of the bike. We can usually accomodate a deposit as low as $100 for normal bikes, but if you want a performance bike be prepared for $500-1000. More information on deposits is below.

Basic bikes are $6/hour, $20/day, $50 week, performance bikes are $12/hour, $40/day, $100 week. We require a rental agreement, and a deposit of the value of the bike ($100 to $1,500), which will be returned in full on return of the bike in reasonable condition, or in part to cover crash damage or dented wheels, or not at all if the bike is stolen. Lock, helmet, pump and basic tool kit, and lights, if necessary, are included. A valid ID and check for the value of the bike is required for deposit - we will ask you to forward-date the check until after the expected return date of the bike, and if for some reason you do not return the bike, we will attempt to contact you many times before we cash it. We do not charge rental for days we are closed.

You may call or email to reserve a racing bike in your size, and if you'd like to match the fit of your own bike we'll ask for the measurement from the center of your bike's crank to the top of the seat at its widest point; from there to the center of the handlebar; and from there back down to the crank. We can install your pedals or seat if you bring them in, and let you try a couple bikes if you wish, so allow some time for fitting, equiping and a safety check — it's important that all rentals be running perfectly when they go out.

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