Bike to Earthfest, April 19th, 2009

Ride leader needs

Ride leader talking points should be written and distributed
Mention diversion hazards
mention signaling only when not an impediment to steering
Mention get off street if stopped


vols DO NOT need to be there at 6:45!!
handout for safety check, traffic laws?
Email to pre-registered with info,
Perks for pre-reg: maps (NOACA, Slavic Village) stainless steel coffee mugs that fits in bottle cage, tire levers/co-op gift cert.?
Add later starts? Coffee baristas do late registration?


Glass on path — sweeper in first group? ahead?
longer routes
south (towpath) and downtown starts?
Clinic and American Greetings starts?
route that visits co-op
Don't change routes after they are chosen!


Diversion hazard at Wildlife way and W25th St.
Parking Direction signs
Parking location should be behind vol. check in at front gate, or perhaps at Fulton Rd entrance, if there are more welcoming activities up there (bike expo and swap meet that Lake metroparks used to host!
All bike parking users should get free admission


All ride vols should get VEP passes.
Rider food must be much better.


transfers for shuttle
extra bikes allowed on rapid
free one day pass for all riders


use last ticket number for sorting into 10 areas for easier retrieval

Helen's ideas:
Clarify what to do with cans bikers bring to registration and who brings them to the zoo, also exact location of registering at the zoo for the bike one from EDC seemed to know at entrance
Communicate time volunteers come to registration...actually didn't know there would be any and they came at 6:30
Location of parking at zoo for registration volunteers?
Helmet rules /availability/cost
Family that brought in sponsorships suggested EDC should advertise more re sponsors of bikers...get more schools involved, etc.
Everyone was thrilled to bike from this location rather than driving to zoo

Bike to Earthfest, April 19th, 2009 -Kevin
I agree we should have later starts and more starting points, for the rides to the zoo. while at the zoo, I noticed people arriving throughout the day. Why wouldn't cyclists want to arrive at different times? The first routes in the morning left every ten minutes. Later in the day, perhaps they could leave every hour or half-hour. Yes, we'd need a lot more ride leaders, unless the riders did loops, back and forth, throughout the day.

Yes, all bike parking users should get free admission and the parking location should be closer to the zoo entrance so people driving to the zoo would see the bikes parking and, perhaps, consider riding in the future.

I didn't hear that bike parkers were delayed in retrieving their bikes, so that ticket number sorting is needed. Maybe so. If we get a high number of bikes, sorting by number or perhaps color could help, if this is a real problem.

As for recycled bottles and cans...what if at least one ride leader towed a cart behind, taking care of the recycled materials?

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