Ohio City Bicycle Co-op Art Dept.

Thanks to Spin Bike Shop, the Art Dept. has recently been revived. Here are some pictures and descriptions; ordering info and how-to files follow.

The counter-top display we use to show the chimes and ornaments at parking events and on counter tops.

Wind chimes
bicycle parts, fishing line
Jim Sheehan

Gear ornaments
bicycle sprocket, melted reflectors
Jim Sheehan, City Year Young Heroes
$5 each, $20 / five

A Bike wall hanger mounted on a temporary stand for display at events. These should be mounted on a wall for bike storage.

detail of working part of the wall hanger

Bicycle wall hanger
welded bicycle cranks
Jim Sheehan

Not pictured:

Business card holder
Jim Sheehan
bicycle sprocket, driftwood

Tea candle holder/mug warmer
Jim Sheehan
bicycle chain, spokes, nipples

Sweater pin
Jim Sheehan
Bicycle spoke, nipple

Bike part impressions
Beverly Jones
$30 large, $20 small

Bike tire print
printer's ink on paper
Michael Kowen

Bike tire printing project
Michael Kowen, OCBC volunteers, audience participants

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