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Everyone is welcome to volunteer at the co-op: members and non-members, experienced bicycle mechanics and people who can't fix a flat. Volunteers are welcome during any of our open hours and during Wednesday night fix-a-thons (see the hours on our front page (external link)). However, if possible it will be beneficial and more rewarding to avoid coming on Saturday, as we are very busy then and can't always spend as much time personally with volunteers as we would like.

We try to find volunteering tasks which are rewarding and appropriately matched to everyone's skill level, and ideally ones which will be educational. Sometimes there is shop work to be done, but usually volunteers will work on something bike related, and on fix-a-thon nights, everyone works on bikes regardless of skill level.

For any time spent volunteering, everyone gets $5/hour credit toward purchases of used parts, simple labor, Maintenance Classes, and membership. Volunteering credits do not apply to new parts, some special classes or Crankmail subscription.

Members can, in some cases, also apply the credit they earn from volunteering toward bikes; 75% of the cost can be paid for with hours, with the other 25% in cash. For example, a member could purchase a $100 bike for $25 and 15 hours.


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