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History: SortingAndEvaluating

Comparing version 1 with version 6

@@ -Lines: 15-30 changed to +Lines: 15-47 @@
Split these all into "keep or scrap" and "sort into categories" (Put quality (i.e. condition) evaluation here, and use above "info. on parts" for categories? Because categories will also be self evident from box labels and contents, so categories are education, and sorting is really evaluation and then categorizing... remember some (derailers, cranks, pedals others?) will be done best on bikes. Often we categorize first because it is easier to explain, but is a waste to sort junk parts (like the tires for Sat.)
- *Sorting/Filing Tubes
*Sorting/Filing Spokes
*Sorting Saddles
*Sorting Handlebars
*Sorting Pedals
*Sorting Stems
*Sorting Brake Levers
*Sorting Brake Calipers
*Sorting Hubs
*Sorting Cranks
*Sorting Shifters
*Sorting Tires
+ *((EvaluatingSaddles))r />*((EvaluatingHandlebars))
ingStems)) />*((EvaluatingBrakeLevers))<br />*((EvaluatingBrakeCalipers))

FilingTubes)) />*((SortingSpokes))
*((SortingDers)) - Separating front from rear, if needed


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