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Bicycle Repair Classes

Here's one of the first things you need to know:
Bicycle Safety Check (PDF 8k)

Here is the other:
How to change a flat (external link)

There's no substitute for hands-on practice though, so that's what you'll find here:

Classes are held every Saturday from 4 to 6 pm, and Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

The next class series starts Sat 7/5 or Tues. 7/8

Class size is limited, and students may bring their own bikes, or work on one of the Co-op's. Pre-register and pay on the calendar (external link) page of this website, please — walk-ins may pay full price to observe but may not get to use a workstand if the class is full. If there are not at least two students signed up by 10 AM the day of the class, that class will be canceled, and notice will be sent by email or website message to those enrolled — call the shop if you are not sure.

Members must take the course of Basic Shop classes before extensively using the shop facilities for personal projects, even if you consider yourself a great bike mechanic. The goal is for all members to have basic repair skills, so we don't have to charge labor to members for individual instruction, as some other co-ops do; and for those with more experience to be familiar with shop procedures, and to know what beginners have learned, so they can help others more effectively if they wish.

The cost is $20/ class, or you may pay with volunteer hours. Please pay for the entire series when you sign up to guarantee your place (we have four workstands).

Shop classes are best taken in order, especially for beginners, and are held on the schedule below. There are brief descriptions on this page, or you can

look at more detailed outlines here.

1st week: Flats and Fit

  • Hands-on remove and replace wheels, with bike on the ground
  • Tire assessment
  • Causes of flats
  • Hands-on tire and tube change
  • Basic bike fit for comfort or speed
  • Hands-on seat and handlebar adjustment, basic safety check

This class will prepare you to fix the most frequent bike problem - flats. You will also learn how to make sure your bike is mechanically safe, and fits properly.

2nd week: Wheels and Bearings

  • How to use the work stands and shop tools
  • Hands-on remove and replace wheels, in the work stand
  • Bearing types, function and assessment
  • Bearing inspection and hands-on adjustment.
  • Wheel and rim types and assessment
  • Demonstration of wheel truing
  • Hands-on spoke and rim maintenance.

This class covers how bearings work, and wear out; and how to keep wheels from wobbling — two of the more mysterious aspects of bike repair for most folks.

3rd week: Cables and Brakes

  • Cable types, function, and assessment
  • Hands-on cable maintenance and adjustment
  • Brake types, function and assessment
  • Hands-on brake pad maintenance and adjustment

This class covers the most vexing and mishandled repair jobs on the bike: you will learn the proper use of tools and how to avoid dangerous and time-consuming mistakes.

4th week: Drivetrain

  • Chain function and assessment
  • Hands-on cleaning and lubrication, and chain breaking
  • Types, function and assessment of:
    • Bottom bracket
    • Gears
    • Shifters
    • Derailleurs
  • Hands-on maintenance and adjustment

This class covers the most complex bike system - you will learn how to keep your
bike in top shape for the longest time possible. Best to have taken the other classes first, as it will be assumed you have knowledge of bearings and cables.

Special Classes

Occasional fifth Saturday or Tuesday classes will cover topics such as Wheel Building, Bearing Overhaul, Single Speed Conversion, or Preparing Your Bike for Winter Cycling, Commuting, Touring, or Racing. These classes are usually $20 — members get their appropriate 10%, 30% or 45% discount but may not pay with shop hours, as the Co-op has committed to pay these special instructors.


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