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Shop Class Outlines:

[T] Talking - The instructor is talking
[A] Action - The students are doing something


[T] Course overview, parts of bike
[A] Safety check
[T] Adjustments, ABCQChk/3S's
[T] 3L's, Quick release, clockwise, lock-nut theory
[T] pedal removal, chain issues (limits, breakage)
[T] General fit
[T] Seatpost, stem height
[A] Threaded stem adjust, lube
[A] Seatpost height adjust
[A] Mounting and dismounting
[T] Chain lube (and replacing onto gears), air tires
[A] Chain lube (and replacing onto gears), air tires, safety check (instructor check)

Fit and Flats

[A] Tire removal / replacement
[T] Fixing flats
[T] Types of flats
[A] Wheel removal / replacement
[A] Tire removal / replacement 2

Wheels and Bearings

[A] Repair stand use (optional)
[T] Parts of a wheel
[T] Wheel theory
[T] Modes of failure
[T] Bearing theory
[T] Where bearings are found
[A] Evaluating hub bearing adjustment
[A] Adjusting hub bearings
[A] Advanced hub adjustment
[T] Truing stand use
[A] Wheel care - cleaning and lube
[A] Wheel truing

Brakes and Cables

[A] Repair stand use (as needed)
[T] Cable theory
[T] Advanced cable theory
[A] Lubing cables
[T] Barrel adjusters
[T] Types of brakes
[T] Brake adjust theory
[T] Adjusting brakes - cable tension
[T] Adjusting brakes - pad position
[T] Adjusting brakes - centering
[T] Brake adjust theory
[A] Adjusting Brakes
[A] Brake pad care

Gears and Chain

[T] Chain theory - rollers, pins, wear
[A] Chain lubing - preventing the wear
[A] Chain measuring - finding out about wear
[T] Chain replacement - once it's worn
[A] Chain tool use
[T] Segue to gear replacement
[T] Rear gears - cassette vs. freewheel
[T] Chainline
[T] Chainrings / crank / bb
[T] Derailleur theory
[A] Adjusting limit screws
[A] Adjusting indexed derailleurs (as needed)


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