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Local bike shops

These are shops that are good to us - we recommend them for all of your accessory, new bike, and bike repair needs. Come to us to learn, go to them to buy! (Don't think we're playing favorites - this is alphabetical!)

Bike Authority (external link) - A donor to our programs

Century Cycles (external link) -A donar and collection point for donation bikes

Mountain Road Cycles (external link) - A donor and collection point for donation bikes

Spin (external link) - Partner and collection point for donation bikes

Supporting Businesses

Wild Oats Market (external link) - Generous donor of food for our 3rd annual summer ride

Great Lakes Brewing Company (external link) - Food donor and event partner

Rock Bottom Brewery, Cleveland (external link) - Food donor for our 2005 Halloween party

Shimano (external link) - Funder (Through LAB (external link) of our Bike Driver's Ed VIP scholarships

Park Tools (external link) - Supports OCBC with great tool discounts

Funders and Partners

Grant-funding partners

Steps to a Healthier Cleveland (external link)

George Gund Foundation (external link)

Clients and Partner Organizations and Governments

Ohio City Near West Development Corporation (external link)
Hard Hatted Women (external link)
Slavic Village Development (external link)
University Circle Incorporated (external link)
Neighborhood Progress Incorporated (external link)
EcoCity Cleveland (external link)
Cleveland Bikes (external link)
Cleveland AIDS Walk (external link)
Hawken School (external link)
Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District (external link)
City of Mayfield Heights, OH (external link)
City of Sheffield Lake, OH (external link)
City of University Heights, OH (external link)

Ohio Bicycle Federation (external link)
League of American Bicyclists (external link)


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