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History: BikeMakeoverTips

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On Wednesday, April 4, 2007, OCBC hosted a program on making over bikes and enjoying them more. Here are some thoughts from our presenters:

The "contact points are a good (ie best "bang for the buck") place to start making improvements for comfort, power and style.

Then contact points are the seat, handlebars and pedals, and for this discussion could include the tires (where the bike contacts the road).

Bryan Rybak of Spin Bike Shop presented some of their new products, including seats, grips and clip in-pedals.

Seats have gotten very good lately, lots of options. Most important is to be sure your "sits bones" are supported.

There is a good beginner primer on clip-in pedals at (external link)
The gist of our discussion was that they are nice if you want power and efficiency, definitely better (safer, easier to learn) than toe clips and straps if you've never had either, and expensive enough (and there are enough differences between the various brands) that borrowing some from the OCBC library is a good idea before you buy.

Ralph Jacobsen presented his Grand Prix fixed gear commuter, and explained how he built it and why.

Garth's "date bike" was presented as a way to get new use from an old cruiser by adding a bannana seat and pegs on the back to make it a (legal?) way to carry a date on a bike.

The co-op's seat and clip-in pedal libraries are now organized and ready for use, if anyone wants to try these easy upgrades before buying them.


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