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The co-op's seat and clip-in pedal libraries are now organized and ready for use, if anyone wants to try these easy upgrades before buying them.
+ Notes from Spring 2008:
+ Maintenance after a winter of riding -- or NOT riding -- is key: do the complete safety check (see our Repair Classes page for a PDF of this), and be sure to put a drop of light oil on anything that is supposed to move freely, and greas on anything (like seatpost and stem) that you don't want to stay stuck.
+ Good bags are a nice investment: Arkel, which OCBC stocks, are great but expensive, and may not fit all racks. A messenger bag is good if you need frequent access; panniers are better to get the load off your back and onto the bike.
+ A good helmet is a great investment, and a good place to mount a mirror, and the newer mini-lights, so you can use several bikes without needing several sets of lights.
+ A spare bike is always a great idea: for bad weather, the un-anticipated flat tire in the morning, and to lend to visiting friends.


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