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Valet bicycle parking service

This service helps any special event boost attendance and address scarce car parking and traffic congestion with a secure, convenient place for cyclists to park their bikes.

Valet bike parking makes events more attractive by:

  • freeing car parking, and reducing traffic jams for all event attendees
  • giving those who already cycle to the event a more welcoming experience
  • accommodating those who may not attend at all because of car (or bike) parking hassles
  • encouraging cyclists to stay longer at events knowing their bikes, helmets and cargo are safe
  • advertising to the public that event organizers are sensitive to transportation and environmental concerns

Valet bike parking improves event safety and security by:

  • offering an easily-adopted solution to bikes parked haphazardly where they can obstruct pedestrian traffic
  • reducing potential for bicycle/pedestrian crashes and conflicts in crowded areas
  • providing security staff a diplomatic, positive response to unsafe cyclists
  • eliminating bike theft and vandalism, and damage to grounds
  • freeing event staff for other tasks

What we provide:

Well before an event, we visit the site to work with event organizers on the best location for their parking area, and signage and access issues, to be communicated with event security and staff, and included on event maps.

We carry insurance for all our activities, and can have event organizers listed as additional insured. We'll furnish a letter of agreement to be signed by both parties.

We erect a temporary snow fence enclosure and portable bike racks, signs at the periphery of the event to direct cyclist to the bike parking, and a sign at the parking area. We can provide our own table, chairs and tent for the check-in area, but if those are provided we can bring all our equipment by bicycle trailer, making for one less car.

During all hours the event is open, we check in bikes with two-part tickets; one half goes on the bike, the other half is the cyclist's claim check. Users may lock their bikes if they wish, and we have a simple policy for lost tickets.

Our volunteers also offer on-the-spot bike safety or helmet-fit advice, and other cycling information. We can also offer more structured bike repair or riding education and children’s activities, often at no additional cost; and/or sell accessories or bike-art craft items, if this is appropriate.

What we need to provide this service:

A conveniently-located, easily bike- and pedestrian-accessible area (preferably on grass, with trees, so it can be space not useable for cars), usually about the size of one car parking space for each five thousand people in attendance, with about the same amount of adjacent space available to expand if needed.

Advance public awareness is the key to making this service effective: all event promotion materials must include the phrase: "Free, Secure, Bicycle Valet Parking"

Our regular fee of $50/hour, to be paid by the event organizer, makes this service free to cyclists, to ensure they will use it. Discounts are offered for non-profits groups and promotional considerations. Any "tips" from users of the service are considered donations to support the OCBC's education programs.

If the client organization prefers to provide their own volunteers (and insurance), they can just also rent all the equipment needed for this service, if we do not have another event scheduled. The rental fee for this is $50 for pick up Thursday and return Monday, with a $200 deposit.

We appreciate at least two months advance notice for scheduling, and to promote the event to area bicyclists.

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