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Fit and Flats


Threaded fasteners, lock nuts
stem types
Seat post types
Quick release


tire failure modes
punctured tube
Valve types
tire boots
puncture preventatives

Wheels and Bearings

Rim types, worn and new
spoke tension
hubs — exploded view, too tight, too loose, just right; worn and new
cartridge bearings, retainer cage, worn cones

Brakes and Cables

  • Cable in housing - new
  • Cable in housing - corroded
  • V-brake pad attached to something to show adjustability
  • Cantilever pad attached to brake to show poor adjustability
  • Brake pad
    • with aluminum chunks
    • worn down to the metal
    • with ridge from misalignment
    • worn to wear line
    • catridge style
    • cheap road
  • Cable, frayed
  • Cable, rusted
  • Cable samples - Shift vs. Road vs. Mountain
  • Rim Failure due to braking

Gears and Chain


different widths,
worn and new
chain checker tool
master links
worn cogs, chainrings
derailer limit screws

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