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Salvaging parts from scrap bikes

Salvaging parts from scrap bikes

Parts to be salvaged will be noted on tags taped to the top tube of each bike — they are easiest to remove in the order listed on the tag (e.g. remove pedals before removing wheels).

Remove seats and posts by loosening the frame binder and put the whole assembly in the tall, dark grey, rolling plastic bin marked "seats with posts".

Remove handlebars and stems together with all the parts on them by cutting any cables, and loosening the stem quill or binder bolt(s) (do not remove the bolts!) and put the whole assembly in the tall, dark grey, rolling plastic bin marked "bars with stems"

Replace all fasteners (nuts and bolts, usually) that you remove back on the parts they came from if that is possible, and tighten them enough that they will not come off when the parts are in the buckets(or use tape, in the case of cantilever brake bolts).

Secure pairs of parts from the left and right sides of the bike (like pedals or cantilever brake arms) together with rubber bands or zip ties — no need to pair parts form the front and back (like reflectors, brake calipers or derailers — these will have separate buckets for front and back parts).

Put all parts in the buckets marked with their names (e.g. "brake calipers", "reflectors", or "front derailers")

Put any loose fasteners that can't be re-attached (like threadless stem top-caps or crank bolts)in the metal can marked "hardware".

All cables can go in the grey scrap bin marked "steel" (but please remove any ferrules, noodles, or donuts and put them in the "hardware" can.

When finished, please pick up any parts from the floor, tidy the scrap pile, and replace tools in the drawer. Thanks!

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