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Prep bikes fro repair or salvage

Prep bikes for repair or salvage

Prep bikes for repair or salvage (A)

This is for processing the recent bike donations that are slated for refurbishing. You will learn some things that will help you take care of your own bike and a few of the most important things to do to make sure it is safe to ride; how to adjust your seat and handlebar height; and how a bike's size is determined and where its serial number is located (which you'll need if you register your bike).

First, pump the tires, so the bike will be easier to handle and store. Don't worry if they don't hold air, and be careful of blowouts.

Then remove the seatpost, grease inside the seat tube, and replace the post with ~6" exposed (enough so we can clamp it in the workstand). Check the post is tight by trying to twist the seat with both hands. Then remove the stem (ONLY if it is a "quill" type stem; be sure you know how to do this to avoid problems!), grease the threads of the quill bolt, the nut, and inside the steerer tube, and replace the stem so the minimum insertion marks are JUST visible. Check that the stem is tight by trying to turn the handlebars while holding the front tire between your knees.

Measure the bike's seat tube in CENTIMETERS from the center of the crank to center of the junction of the seat tube and the top tube (or the seat stay, for s step-through, or "girl's bike"), and write the size on a prep tag, followed by the top tube length, from the center of the seat tube to the center of the head tube. (e.g. 55/57). Next write the serial number on the paper (ask for where this might be found).

Staple the prep tag around the handlebar near the stem, and put the tagged bikes in the "done" stack. (any bikes that give you problems or seem unrepairable should be done as well as possible and put in a "don't know" stack.) Return all supplies where they came from, and all tools to the person who gave them to you, and show them any bikes you are not sure of when finished.

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