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Short Bike Ed programs

Our Earn A Bike program for kids, or adult Bike Driver's Ed course, each provide in-depth, real-life, on-the-road bicycle education, which has proven to create real change in participants' cycling habits. However, those programs represent fairly large commitments of time and other resources, so we offer a range of shorter programs to suit various needs.

Our short programs are based on the same principles of bicycle safety, but are designed to teach basic bike skills for larger groups, in shorter time frames, usually "on site" at a location other than the OCBC.

Customized programs

We are often asked to present bike safety education as part of a larger program, such as Active Living by Design (external link), Safe Routes To Schools (external link), or Bicycle Friendly Communities (external link). A good example of this is the Steps to a Healthier Cleveland program, which we have taught to fourth grade students in ten Cleveland schools, and will continue under the Cleveland Safe Routes to Schools (external link) program.

In designing the Steps Bicycle Ed program, we were challenged to leave the most meaningful impression on the greatest number of students in the shortest amount of time, so this program is presented in a series of only three visits: an assembly, an in-class lesson, and an on-bike skills course in the school parking lot. In this setting it was also important for what we taught to relate to standard curriculum, so we customized the program to do that.

Other examples of customized short programs we have designed and presented are large-group presentations for charity rides, bike clubs meetings, a community free-bike project, and a workplace wellness program. We also provide consultation on safety, mapping, and logistics to organizations presenting bike rides.

We also have created a streamlined offering of standard programs:

Bike "rodeos"

We have presented many short bicycle skills courses (usually known as bike rodeos) for neighborhood groups, scouts, etc. These one- to four-hour events present children (and, preferably, their parents) with basic traffic concepts and bike-handling skills, and give them a chance to practice them in a parking lot setting. There's a very detailed guide for presenting a bike rodeo from Cornell University (external link) that can help to plan this popular program. Our Rodeo Outline explains our service, and will help in training volunteers, so please print and distribute it to them before their training.

We will take care of all aspects of presenting a bike rodeo, except promoting the event and enlisting volunteers, which are the responsibilities of the client organization. Our fee to provide a certified instructor and all necessary equipment is $75 per hour, for a minimum of two hours, to allow for one hour of volunteer training, set-up, and tear-down. This includes insurance coverage, for which client organizations can be named as additional insured. Loaner bicycles are available if needed. Helmets, and bike locks, to award participants are a great idea, and can be purchased from OCBC and delivered to the event, or obtained from Safe Kids Coalition (external link) or other groups.

To estimate the cost to have OCBC present a Bike Rodeo for your group, use the Rodeo Budget Calculator, a spreadsheet in MS Excel format.

Assemblies and other large-group presentations

Presentations to large groups should be scheduled early in the year if a specific time is needed, or one month in advance if not. A computer projector and screen are needed, and PA system for groups larger than 50. OCBC's minimum charge for this program is $150 for up to two hours, with scholarships available for qualifying groups.

Pre-ride safety talks

For bicycling events held on open roads, as most are, it is important for the safety of the riders — and the liability of the organizers — that participants understand their rights and responsibilities toward other riders and motorized traffic, and take responsibility for the mechanical safety of their bikes. OCBC has extensive experience providing this information in a fun and engaging way. These short talks are very much part of our mission, so our fee is minimal, and on travel distance. Safety talks should be scheduled early in the year, and require a PA system for greater than 50 riders, or time to schedule a series of smaller groups.

Training for staff and volunteers

We are not fanatical about making every bike education presentation in the Cleveland area — we hope there will be more events than we can attend, so our ultimate goal is to "train the trainers." We can schedule special presentations at OCBC or at other groups' locations; or special group rates for our regular classes. If your organization would like more extensive training for staff and/or volunteers to present ongoing bike education programs, please see the Group membership section at the bottom of our Membership page.

All our programs can be adapted to your needs: please call Jim at (216)830-2667 for more details, or email

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