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Board minutes from the March 7, 2007 meeting

In attendence were board members John Dido and John Mikolich, Board President and Director Jim Sheehan, members Dave Farkas, Sue and Dieter Kaesgen, Kevin Senich, and Ken Wheeler, and Assistant Director Peter Garver. Member Doug Gillespie was present for part of the meeting.

The meeting began at 6:50.

The first order of business was approving the minutes from the February meeting. Before the minutes could be approved, Jim brought up several changes he felt needed to be made. These changes were noted, and are reflected in the copy of the ((BoardMinutes2007-02-07|February 2007 minutes) on this site. (For the changes made from the original version, view the history of the page) The board voted unanimously to approve the February minutes.

The schedule for 2007 was changed, and has been removed from the February minutes. The new schedule is below.

Jim read the revised schedule of meetings for 2007:

Schedule for 2007 meetings

  • April: members meeting
  • May: new board, setting direction, marketing work; new name?
  • June: annual meeting, members and board - present annual report
  • July: board, review marketing work?
  • Aug: members
  • Sept: board
  • Oct: members
  • Nov: board
  • Dec: members

Jim brought up the issue of two recent situations with clients, and all in attendance discussed the problem of a gap between cost to provide services and the fiscal needs of clients.
  • Ideally we would like to have outside money available to subsidize services, so that we could sell them for just enough that the clients would value them
  • For now, we will continue discounting services from their regular cost in exchange for meaningful publicity
  • There was debate, but no resolution, on whether we should profit from the sale of helmets and locks to clients who hire us to perform services.
  • There was debate on what to charge for providing volunteers at events.
  • Resolved: If OCBC is required to provide volunteers for a client at an event, the rate will be $13 per volunteer.

Nomination of new board members

The issue was briefly discussed before the meeting adjourned
  • The nominating committee will begin discussing potential candidates by email
  • When a list of candidates is compiled, they will be invited
  • The larger board will convene for the meeting in May.

Meeting was adjoured at 8:50pm.

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