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February Board Meeting Minutes

IT Grant

We received $5,800 from the St. Luke's Foundation for our IT development. This will be used for site work –

  • being able to edit without the wiki, adding more dynamic content
  • creating membership mailing lists, with opt-in or opt-out functions
  • improving data collection, especially on the bike inventory
  • need an inventory committee; how to sort? (by use: loan/rent/earnabikes/haiti/sell/scrap?)
  • such data collection will help detail our successes and aid in future grant applications
  • help us show how many people we reach with various programs
  • we'll raise our site profile, be more attractive to the public, our members and grantmakers
  • we're acquiring software to improve e-mails, and increase our ability to get out class/meeting/event notifications in a timely manner

Board structure revisions

  • the initial parameters were arbitrary; 100 hours volunteer time over a 1-year period
  • we need to form an advisory board
  • decision is approved to hold meetings every other month (new schedule below):
    • board meetings will be board meetings
    • member meetings will have a program (Chuck Harris, winter riding, member trips)

Nomination of new board members

Peter submitted a list of members involvement as a starting point to discuss expanding the criteria for nominating trustees
  • create an 'intern' or 'trial' trustee position to give interested people a chance to check out the board; for example, if we were sticking to the one year of involvement but had a member of 6 months who was interested in serving. Say they could attend meetings after 6 months but not have a vote til a year (may be very grantable under 'board development.’)
  • have a criteria for 'involved' trustee, or 'community' board member? This category could be for people who are interested in getting the nonprofit experience
  • Add a requirement to attend some number of trustee meetings prior to being installed on the board
  • need a set annual meeting, so general members can ratify changes
  • what is a quorum, how will it be divided among elected/appointed/involved/community trustees
  • use staggered terms to keep the board rotating
  • specify term limits but no limit to consecutive terms
  • the 'startup' trustees will be exempt from later criteria?
(Jim, here's where my math skills gave out - final language was something like 'no less than 2/3 of both groups?)
  • Grantability improves when community and invovled trustees are both represented

Bylaw changes

  • Quorum rules and bylaws should be structured to prevent any one group overtaking the coop; if our mission statement is a clear yardstick by which to measure decisions, a 'rogue' group wouldn't be able to do anything radical without changing the bylaws, but since that can't be done without a majority vote of the membership, it'll be less likely.
  • bylaws need to change for member trustees
  • add a provision to the bylaws for special meetings that can be held without quorum and via e-mail
  • Resolved: The board will consist of between 9 and 15 members, of which no less than 1/3 will be drawn from people involved in the day to day operations of the co-op, and no less than 1/3 will be drawn from the community.
  • Resolved: Quorum will be a simple majority, with a minimum of one of each kind of member
  • A conservative nominating committee will establish the hourly threshold for volunteers who qualify for the board
  • Resolved: the board appoints the nominating committee (the three senior members of the board), to invite the new members, advised by the staff
  • Recommendations for advisory board - Kenny Crumpton from Fox8, Debbie Perkul from Hard Hatted Women, Chris Trepal of Earth Day Coalition

Any decisions contained in here will remain provisional until the June annual meeting

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