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Present: John Dido, Peter Garver, John Mikelich, Kevin Senich, Jim Sheehan, Jennifer Stuart-Lesch.

resolved to approve budget (Kevin suggested to note vol. in-kind accounting when appropriate, staff (PG) will research conventions for this), PG please attach docs.

Discussed potential Ingenuity participation: lots of vol. time, potential market for Art Dept., parking and education. Possible parade will replace our participation in Parade the Circle (though we will still do parking there.)

2007 events will follow 2006 schedule, plus include: Wendy Park ride in June (unsure, may only be safety talk); Ingenuity in July, and Cancer Soc. in August (safety talk and possible rolling Road 1 or group riding class).

Expect to have rec. ctr. programs in months except July, and Rosie's Girls and Hawken again in July.

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