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Ohio City Bicycle Co-op Board of Trustees Meeting

November 1, 2006

In attendance were board president Jim Sheehan, board members John Dido and John Mikolich, member Kevin Senich, and assistant director Peter Garver, who took minutes.

Halloween 2006 report

  • Jim will be writing a report on the event for various local publications
  • The event brought in approximately $115 in gross donations

Winter Symposium

  • Will be proceeding as planned on November 4th
  • Less guest speakers expected this year

Summer Ride

  • Jim has offered the summer ride to the Whiskey Island Foundation as a fundraiser, to be operated by OCBC and promoted by WIF - proceeds to be shared
  • OCBC needs to research the Whiskey Island Foundation - Peter will do so at the Foundation Center
  • The ride my become co-branded between the two orgs

Bike Parking at Ingenuity

  • Kevin Cronin of Cleveland Bikes wants to see it hosted at the proposed future location for the Cleveland Bikes Bikestation - this is unlikely
  • It has been proposed to park elsewhere but get a banner up in the space
  • Bike parking will in the future be advertised as $50/hr, to include education and safety programming
    • We will need to create new advertising materials and descriptions of services

Art program development grant

  • We would like to develop instructions for producing art items
  • We would create curricula for in-school use
    • Art lessons could be provided to schools, developed with e.g. Art House or Art on Wheels
    • Parts could be included with the instruction

Landlord/Site issues

  • Jim wrote a letter to Gillespie stating that no Earn A Bike will take place on site except with certain students who have letters of permission - all other unaccompanied minors will be banned.

Security Camera

  • Equipment options were outlined for the board
  • Peter will purchase a camera and install it
  • We will need to make a choice on software issues, such as whether the camera will call us when it detects an intrusion
    • This feature, if made useful, would add an undetermined amount of labor and cost
    • Peter will report back to the board with further research results

Board Development

  • Staff will prepare information on expansion of the member board
    • Statistics of members that fall into various service classes
  • We need to determine what we want from the member board
  • We need research to find out the source of member board and general member attrition

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