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OCBC maintains a large fleet of Basic bikes for our education programs, and for public rentals.  We also rent "performance" road, touring, or mountain bikes; tandems, trail-a-bikes and trailers (for cargo or kids); and a library of unusual bikes like adult trikes, recumbents, and some antiques suitable for special events. We also have ergonomic saddles, clip-in pedals and shoes, aero bars, cargo bags (panniers) and other gear in our accessory library

Note that we don't offer hourly or daily rentals: Bike Rack and the bike-share service UH Bikes fill that need for Basic transportation bikes near downtown Cleveland, and Performance bike rentals are available at many area bike shops, including Century Cycles, Eddy's, and Spin. For rentals on the Towpath Trail, visit Century Cycles in Peninsula and Blimp City Bikes in Akron -- for mountain bike rentals Broadway Cyclery is a short ride from the Bedford reservation MTB trail.

To rent a Basic Bike, please call ahead or email us at with the height of the rider you're renting for to confirm availability. 

To rent a Performance bike, you must contact us first with at least one week notice and provide a non-refundable reservation deposit and your desired cockpit dimensions so we can set the bike up to your specifications.

Basic vs. Performance bikes

If you are racing, or touring for a long distance, you probably want a performance bike.

If you need a bike for transportation, or a casual ride, a basic bike will do fine.

Basic bikes are older-style mountain bikes with non-suspension forks and thumb shifters, usually outfitted with smoother, street tires. We also have in this fleet some commuter bikes with fenders, racks, lights, etc. for transportation needs.

Performance racing bikes have either integrated brake/shifters or bar-end shifters (mounted on aerobars or on the drops).  We have a few Performance touring bikes, some of which have downtube shifters.

Cockpit dimensions

We will select a performance bike with the components you request (as available), and match the fit of your own bike (or one you're comfortable on), if you provide your bike's cockpit dimensions, which are the measurements (in cm) from:

  1. the center of the crank, to the top of the seat at its widest point (where your weight is supported most)
  2. the top of the seat at its widest point, to the center of the handlebar (where it is clamped in the stem)
  3. the center of the handlebar (where it is clamped in the stem), to the center of the crank

Bicycle Rental sizing diagram

Please include those three measurements (or you can fill out this much more detailed measurement chart) and other requirements when you reserve your performance bike. If you don't supply cockpit dimensions, we will choose a bike that is safe based on your height or leg length (preferred), but can't allot time for extra fitting or equipping when you pick up the bike.

We can install your own pedals or seat if you bring them in when you pick up the bike, but need a request in advance, with your reservation deposit, for any equipment and accessories you'd like from this list:

Helmet; lock; pump/tool kit; spare tube; seat and/or handlebar bag; lights; fenders; rack; preferred road shifters (STI, Ergo or bar end [on aero bars or drops]); pedals (flat, toe straps, or clip-in [specify cleat type and brand preference]). 

For an additional rental fee we can provide/install: racks, fenders, panniers or other bags, aero bars, cycle-computers or high-quality seats (we have a library of most popular brands) or other accessories; and provide shoes for clip-in pedals (again, specify desired cleat type:  road or mountain (walkable) style).

To reserve a performance bike

we require a reservation deposit of $50, and you must call, email or visit at least one week in advance to reserve your bike. You can make this deposit on our Payments page (with the last PayPal button at the bottom). This is separate from the security deposit below, and it will be deducted from your rental fee, but is otherwise non-refundable: we require this deposit for performance bikes because we take extra time to fit and set them up, and can't invest the time to do that custom work on bikes that are then not rented.

Rental rates and terms

A deposit (and a valid ID) is required at time of bike pick-up, for the full replacement value of the bike and any accessories, which is refunded upon return of the bike. This deposit is $200 for basic bikes, or $500-$2000 for performance bikes. If the bike is damaged, we will charge costs for parts and repair along with the rental fee.

A check is preferred for the security deposit: we will just staple it to your rental form, and hand it back to you when you return. This saves everyone credit card fees and paperwork.

Rental fees are charged when the bike is returned.

Rentals can be picked up or returned during our posted hours (on the upper right of this page) or other times by appointment.

Delivery or pick-up is available for $50 within Cuyahoga county, plus $1/mile for travel beyond there.

Group bike rentals

We rent basic bikes for groups of 5 or more, who can provide their members' sizes and security deposits in advance, and pay the rental fee in one payment at the time of the rental (payment and any security/damage fees can be invoiced together after the rental for corporate groups).  Group rates are $10/half day or $20/day. Delivery is available for up to 20 bikes for $40 per trip, or 21-50 bikes for $80 per trip anywhere in Cuyahoga County, and beyond for $1/mile additional.

We can also provide Guided tours, with or without bike rentals. See our Short programs page for more info.

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