April Social Ride: poetic places

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Written by Joshua Goran
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 13:42

april social ride to Poetic Places

To pay proper notice to National Poetry Month,

In this cruelest month, we'll visit poetic places.  

We'll be let in early to the Eastman Reading Garden

Before the lunching season opens, officially,

To read Maya Lin's brother Tan's

Abstract brass and granite words on her sculpture.

After passing, the Erie St. Cemetery;

where many poets are certainly buried (or should be)

we drop down by the temple of lost love

and rise up literary to see about d.a. levy

where the city is painted with fading lines on a bridge.

Six Steps Down by the timeless market,

We pass where Daniel Thompson read his junk;

And say good bye to Hart Crane at a statue

By some guy, by the still-crooked river.

For more information, see the route map here (general Saturday Social Ride info here).

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