Kingsbury Run Social ride

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Written by Jim Sheehan
Friday, 06 October 2017 15:18

Getting ready for Halloween: Social ride to Kingsbury Run, site of 30's "Torso" murders & a "ghost stream"

Related imageThere is so much that is scary about the valley of the now-culverted stream known as Kingsbury Run -- like this abandoned pedestrian bridge -- that we NEED to visit it on this month's Social ride, for several reasons:

  1. We will be holding another special Sunday Social ride on October 29th with Roy Larick narrating a tour of the full length of the original stream, and we'd like to preview the nearest part of it tomorrow, where it meets the Cuyahoga near I 490, to check this part of the route.
  2. We may be prematurely reviving our (formerly) annual costumed Halloween Ghost Ride!, and if we do, this area may be on the route for that as well.
  3. This bridge may inspire some creative new thoughts about repairing damage done by Cleveland's history of race relations, and the potential for visionary future bicycle infrastructure and historic preservation as part of the Opportunity Corridor.

Join us for this ride and discussion Sat.  Oct. 7. As usual, OCBC will open at 10a, ride departs at 10:30 and returns at noon.  Wide tires (or mad handling skills) are suggested for the gravel portions of this route: if you'd like to use a loaner bike suited to this terrain, please reply to this with your height, and we'll have one ready for you.


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