Apprentice Wednesday

Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 05 February 2008 13:44

On Wednesday evenings we concentrate on helping our members with their personal work, and Maintenance class students practice what they've learned by working with experienced volunteers to fix bikes we need for our programs, so we are not open for retail sales.

If you are taking those classes, this is the "lab time" to practice what you learn; you will earn shop credit as you help out, so you'll clock in as a volunteer. You may start by doing some basic tasks that relate to the classes you have taken, like de-spoking, de-tiring or prepping wheels, or prepping bikes, and then you'll work with an experienced mechanic doing a complete tune up in one evening.

Everyone who has at least begun their classes is welcome for Apprentice Wednesdays, anytime between 5pm and 9pm. So that you don't need to stop off for dinner first, we always have some modest food available  —  bringing a potluck dish (even a bag of chips!), or a cash donation for food, is always appreciated.

New volunteers are invited to attend the Volunteer/member orientation on Wednesday evening from 7-8pm, and then may stay to de-spoke a wheel until 9.

As always, we ask that you spend at least an hour volunteering, and if you are a student who will be working on a bike -- or an experienced mechanic mentoring those who are -- you should try to attend for at least two hours. 

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