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Thursday, 24 January 2008 10:53

OCBC provides Earn a Bike courses to schools, social service organizations and other non-profit groups at their locations, to teach bike maintenance and safe cycling to children at least 10 years old who are able to ride bikes, in Cuyahoga County during daylight hours between March and November.

These guidelines describe expectations for a basic after-school program -- held for two hours twice a week for a month -- but can be adapted to suit each partner organization's needs; for example, structured as a week-long bike camp, a series of field trips at a remote locations, or in shorter, weekly visits for a semester-long project.

OCBC provides for each 10 students:

  • 1 instructor certified by the League of American Bicyclists to teach bicycle mechanics and safe cycling, for a minimum of 5, two-hour classes.
  • Training at OCBC for up to 10 of the partner group's staff or volunteers for Traffic Skills Intro and Bike Basics Classes
  • Hands-on instruction for up to 12 children in bike mechanics and safe cycling, including relation of concepts to age-appropriate curriculum, and supervision of workspace clean-up
  • Insurance coverage for liabilities of OCBC staff or volunteers. Partner organizations can be named as "Additional Insured."
  • A repaired used bike and new helmet of correct size for each student, which remains at the program site to be awarded after they successfully complete the program
  • Optional lock and basic tools for each child successfully completing the program
  • All necessary tools and supplies during classes, including written materials for handouts, and first aid and roadside repair kits
  • Program contract, parental permission, medical release, and good-conduct contract forms to be completed before the first class
  • Mapped ride routes, beginning and ending at the client's location, that OCBC deems safest and age-appropriate for vehicular cycling training.

The partner organization must provide for each 10 students:

  • Program fee paid by the beginning of the final class session ($100/hour presentation fee plus additional charges for bikes, helmets, etc., which may vary).
  • at least one staff (or volunteer) per three students to assist in all classes and rides (bikes not required: OCBC can make bikes available for loan or purchase). 
  • The above folks MUST have completed OCBC's Traffic Skills Intro and Bike Basics Classes, or equivalent training elsewhere before the program begins.
  • Insurance coverage for liabilities of partner organization's staff or volunteers
  • 7ft. x 15 ft. (about the size of one car) of dry, secure, bike storage space, preferably at ground level, which need not be heated or lit, dedicated for the duration of the program, and accessible during class times.
  • Heated and well-lit work space about the size of a standard classroom, exclusively dedicated during class times, preferably not carpeted, with two 3'x8' tables and access to restrooms.
  • A staff member or volunteer available by phone with immediate access to a vehicle capable of transporting at least one child and one bicycle during riding times (typically the second hour of all but the first three classes).
  • Signed program contract and OCBC parental release forms at beginning of the first class, and assured attendance and minimum behavior standards. Classes are held rain or shine.

Email education@OhioCityCycles.org or call 216 830 2667 for more information.

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