2015 Ghost Ride

Written by Eric Gearhart
Monday, 28 September 2015 09:48

OCBC will be hosting a free group ride at 7pm on Saturday, October 31st, dubbed Ghost Ride! partly in honor of those clever characters who can ride two bikes at once, and partly for other, more obscure reasons.

This yearly tradition, almost as old as the co-op itself, is an opportunity to dress up yourself, dress up your bike, and go scare some trick-or-treaters. We will be riding from the Co-op to the Cleveland Public Theatre located on Detroit Ave. near the corner with west 65th. WCSB, Cleveland State University's college radio will be holding its annual Halloween bash featuring lots of live music at the theatre so feel free to take part in that as well. The Ghost Ride! has traditionally been an annual event but it will henceforth only be taking place in those years when Halloween falls on a Saturday. That's right, this is your only chance for the next 6 years to take part in the infamous Ghost Ride! 

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