How to fit a helmet

Written by Jim Sheehan
Thursday, 18 June 2015 13:40

Size the helmet before removing header card or discarding packaging:


It should fit like a baseball cap when level on the head without the straps buckled. To change size, adjust the headband (if equipped) or add the thicker pads provided. If the smallest size is still too big, take extra care to fit properly, and tell the child to read a lot to grow a bigger head!


Fit the helmet:   Explain while doing this that the helmet won’t work (or look cool) if it doesn’t stay on their head right; and since they may need to readjust it for themselves they should pay attention!


  1. Position the helmet level on the head; ask if they can see the front of it (they should).


  1. The sliders joining the front and back straps should be positioned just below the ears (they may loosen with a flap or dial – if not, you may have to remove the helmet to do this).


  1. Ask the child to buckle the strap under their chin. Don’t do this for them: if you pinch them with the buckle they will get mad, and they need to learn for themselves (they may want to remove the helmet to see how it works). When they open their mouth, the strap should get tight.


To adjust the chin strap roll back the rubber band hidden under the male clasp so you can slide the clasp, and roll it back down when adjusted to lock it in place.


  1. The child’s name and phone # should be written on a sticker inside the helmet in case of emergency. The helmet must be worn while riding – when not, hang it on the handlebars.



Eyes -- look up; do you see the front of your helmet?

Ears – touch the sliders; are they just below your ears?

Mouth – open your mouth; is the chin strap tight?

Nose – push the helmet forward; does it touch your nose? (then tighten it!)



  • Ponytails should be taken out or moved down. Barretts and “bo-bos” should be removed.
  • Have the child remove and put the helmet on for themselves when you make adjustments.

If the chin strap is still too long with the buckle pulled all the way up to the slider: remove the helmet and pull on the male side rear strap where it enters the helmet (this may require force), to pull slack from the female side. Readjus

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