Bicycle Driver's Education

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Thursday, 24 January 2008 10:51

From balancing a two-wheeler to riding in rush-hour traffic, every cyclist can learn something from others (see examples here).  The rides and courses below will cover what every cyclist needs to know to use a bike safely and confidently -- whether they're going racing, or going to the grocery store. 

Free, informal instruction, no registration needed:

How to Ride a Bike
This is the easiest way to learn, or teach someone else, this basic skill.  We have special "balance bikes" (in all sizes, including for adults) that you can use in our parking lot, or borrow to practice with at home. Just stop in; we'll show you how!

Our Saturday Social Ride is a good time to get basic advice on bike fit and safe riding in a very informal setting. Held on the first Saturday of every month at 10am.

More structured instruction (registration required):

We offer the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) bike-handling and traffic skills training to help you:

  • Ride more safely, comfortably, and confidently in all traffic situations
  • Get fewer flat tires
  • Get honked at less often
  • Have credentials that could bolster your position in a legal action
  • Go on to become a League Certified Instructor (LCI) yourself — to teach safe-cycling classes on your own, or through the OCBC.

Introduction to Traffic Skills: short and easy.

Our Intro to Traffic Skills ride is a casual discussion and slideshow, followed by some handling drills and a short ride.  This three hours of practical information will give anyone the basics to use a bike confidently in traffic, but does not include the prerequisite mechanical classes, written and on-road tests, or graduation certificate -- or the 9-hour commitment -- of Traffic Skills 101, below.

Intro to Traffic Skills is FREE with every bike or membership purchased from OCBC, or $25 otherwise.

Traffic Skills 101: longer, but still easy; with a test and a certificate.

The complete Traffic Skills 101 course is made up of the above Traffic Skills Intro, our Bicycle Basics series on mechanical bike safety tips, and the reading and written test found here. Taken in that order, these classes can be completed at any time -- once they are (and results of the written test are emailed to us), the final on-road test can be scheduled with at least two week's notice. 

This course may seem like a lot of time to spend learning how to "drive" a bike you already "ride", but we are regularly amazed at how many experienced cyclists are clueless about much of this stuff. In any case, though, it is required to earn a certificate from the League of American Bicyclists -- which is, in turn, required to qualify for certification from the League to become and instructor, which is not at all easy, and can be pursued at one of the 3-day seminars listed here.

The details

Traffic Skills Intro rides and Traffic Skills 101 road tests are held rain or shine (though the riding portions may be postponed in case of dangerous weather). 

Both are appropriate for cyclists of all abilities, who can ride for at least an hour and a half at one time.  Kids over about 10 years old are welcome, with a parent, as below-- but we also offer a Family Traffic Skills Ride for kids ~ 8 to 16 years old, with their parents.  

Students under 14 must be accompanied by an adult student who is a legal guardian, or designated by their guardian on a signed parental release form. Students under 18 must have the signed parental release form with them to attend the class.

How to sign up

Please register for the date of the class you want to take on our events registration page. We will notify you in case class is canceled -- which will happen if there are not at least three students signed up by the Wednesday before the class -- and email a reminder and some class-preparation information two days before your class.

We can also arrange private classes almost anytime that is not already scheduled on our calendar, if you have a group of at least four students (or pay the equivalent tuition).

We often present Kids 1 and other programs to Scout groups, Rec. Centers and community groups. We will be happy to customize classes like these to your particular needs, and present them at you location: please see our Group Membership page, and email any questions to

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