May 4th, 2013 Saturday Social Ride: bridges & bike access

Written by Jim Sheehan
Thursday, 05 April 2012 23:17

To commemorate Bike Month, this month's Social ride will visit engineered bike facilities in the downtown area, both existing and proposed.  We'll also learn a bit about Cleveland transportation history in the process, and get a vision of the future from local experts.

We'll visit local bridges like the Abbey Ave. and Hope Bridge improvements -- the "pinch points" for cross-town cycling routes -- and examine their history, engineering, and "bike-friendliness."  We'll also discuss upcoming, bike-related plans, like Detroit Rd., and evaluate past ones, like Euclid Ave.

  We'll certainly also look at our nearby neighborhood: The new Metroparks Rivergate reservation "Riverwalk"; the Columbus Rd. bridge, slated for renovation in 2013; and the Center St. bridge, at the narrowest point in the ship channel, near where Moses Cleaveland allegedly landed on the bank of the Cuyahoga River.

The optional extra-mileage ride after noon will visit the nearby Transformer Station for the closing day of their Bridging Cleveland photo exhibit, and then perhaps visit the Cleveland Velodrome in Slavic Village, to commemorate the opening of their first season.

Held on the first Saturday of every month, the Social ride is a short, easy, sight-seeing bicycle ride in Cleveland's Flats and Downtown neighborhoods. The ride is free (donations are welcome!), and loaner bikes are available. (More general info on our Saturday Social Ride is here).

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