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Written by Jim Sheehan
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 11:03

OCBC maintains a library of bikes, "ergonomic" saddles, cleated shoes and clip-in pedals, bike bags, and, of course, books and videos on bike repair, bike law, etc.  These items are free for members (with a few exclusions, noted *) to borrow for a couple of weeks, to "try before you buy," or for rent to non-members, with or without a bike rental.  Most of the accessories are items we can special order new for purchase, and any rental fee can be applied to the purchase price.

A security deposit for the full replacement value is required in case the item is not returned, or to cover any damage beyond ordinary wear.  Members may use accumulated volunteer shop credits for the deposit, and must return items cleaned (and bikes tuned) and properly re-stocked (for non-members, that's what the rental fee is for!).


In addition to the "performance" and "regular" bikes listed on our Bicycle Rentals page, we keep examples of several unusual bike types for folks to try out, or use for special purposes like a race, a tour, or a wedding procession:


(racing, comfort, cruiser, dual-steer, and a side-by-side "Buddy Bike")


(Bike E medium wheelbase, Infinity long wheelbase w/ under-seat steering)

Fixed-gear and single speed

His-and-Hers, Rod-brake-equipped Raleigh Tourists (ready for their third wedding appearance!)

Shaft drive bike

* members' bike loan availability depends on rental demand (which is high when there's a big race, like the Cleveland Triathlon), and require a cash deposit instead of volunteer credits.


Selecting a comfortable bike saddle is a very subjective and ongoing process: most avid cyclists have a box of seats they have bought, ridden a bit, and then replaced, in the quest for their "perfect saddle."  Fortunately, some of them donate their boxes of saddles to us, and the perfect saddle for someone else is probably in it.

Our library has examples of popular saddles from most major manufacturers, including these listed below. The rental fee of $25 covers installation, initial set-up, a tool for on-the-road adjustment if needed, and advice on selection and use. Typical deposit would be $50 to $200.

Saddle set-up is also a long process for most frequent cyclists, and it is crucial to be sure fixing bolts are properly tightened, which is what members learn in our Bicycle Basics class.




Body Geometry






Clipless pedals and cleated shoes

Clip-in pedals (confusingly called 'clipless' by the bicycle industry) have replaced toe-clips and straps as a safer and more comfortable attachment to the pedals, to use more muscles, for more power and less fatigue.  They must be used with special shoes that accept a cleat that clips into the pedal, but allows easy removal with a sideways twist of the foot.

The shoe cleats are specific to the pedals, and the several different brands have somewhat different features and "feel." As with saddles, most avid cyclists have tried a few pedal brands before settling on one they like, so we have examples of pedals from all the major manufacturers, and all sizes of shoes, both for road (racing) and mountain (walkable) cleats. The rental fee of $25 covers pedal installation, initial cleat set-up, a tool for cleat adjustment if needed, and advice on selection and use. Typical deposit would be ~ $200 for pedals, cleats and shoes.

*Members needing extensive help setting up pedals should make a donation of cash or volunteer credits to cover costs.



Bug, commuter


Commuter, grocery




Large, extra large

Forest City Portage

Convertible backpack/messenger, "Chrome-style" messenger

Other panniers

Performance, Cannondale


These are primarily designed for aerodynamic advantage at high speeds, though many people want to try these "lay-out" bars for upper-body comfort. If hand or arm pain is a problem, you should first look at other fit adjustments, as aerobars seriously impair bike stability and control.  This is why they are discouraged in crowded group rides, and are illegal in mass-start races.

The rental fee of $25 covers installation, initial set-up, a tool for on-the-road adjustment if needed, and advice on selection and use. Typical deposit would be $50 to $200.

Profile, others with adjustable and/or folding arms and pads

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