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OCBC is Hiring

Written by Eric Gearhart
Friday, 23 September 2016 15:50

OCBC is Hiring!
OCBC is looking for an energetic, empathetic, and engaging person to assume the role of Volunteer Coordinator at OCBC, as we bid a (gradual) farewell to our friend and esteemed colleague, Erin Costello.

If you are interested in taking on this challenging and rewarding job, please send your resume and cover letter to info@ohiocitycycles.org with the subject Volunteer Coordinator Application by October 17th.  The full job posting is located here.

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"Farewell" from Erin, current volunteer coordinator

Written by Eric Gearhart
Friday, 23 September 2016 15:51

Dear folks,

I will be leaving OCBC to pursue a career in education, specifically becoming a classroom teacher. My work here has been really influential in that decision, since working with people (volunteers, students, shop-users, and customers alike) and helping them to understand something new is my favorite part of the job. I intend to go back to school in January and work toward getting my teaching license.

My experiences at OCBC have been eye-opening, in many ways. I’ve learned a lot and gained many skills: how to work on a bike, how to staff events, how to manage work flow, how to work with non-profit/community partners, and much more. In my opinion, the most important personal skill I’ve developed is how to recognize the skills present in every individual, and how to work with and support them. OCBC is a place where anybody can come to help out and I am grateful to have gotten to work alongside so many awesome people.

Between now and January, I will have consistent presence at OCBC, helping to hire a new volunteer coordinator and train that person for the role. I will also be transitioning into working as a substitute teacher, to practice classroom management and help decide what age group I’d like to teach. Hopefully I’ll teach a little yoga on the side (fingers crossed!). In the future, I will continue to be involved as a volunteer, specifically with the shop classes and whatever else the new volunteer coordinator needs me for!

Thank you all for reading and for working with me at OCBC. I truly appreciate my time spent here and the friendships I’ve made.


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Latest News

Written by Jim Sheehan
Tuesday, 13 September 2016 17:27

Sept. 17th: Ride for Sylvia, and Rower's Regatta

Steve and Francoise Bingham will be joining bike safety advocates and concerned citizens in Cleveland on Saturday, September 17th for a memorial ride honoring the life of their daughter Sylvia, and marking the day she was killed by a truck while riding her bike to work in 2009.

This Ride of Silence will assemble at West 11th St. and Fairfield in Tremont, and begin at 11am.  After a brief gathering at E21st St. and Prospect Ave where she died, we'll remember her remarkable life with a potluck lunch at Perk Park at East 12th and Chester Ave.

Please join the Facebook event for the ride here, and for more information about Sylvia, and her parents' dedicated work in her memory, start here.

Also on Saturday, September 17th The Head of the Cuyahoga Regatta, an annual rowing event that draws over 3,000 people, will be taking place right along the river behind OCBC! If you plan to come to OCBC on 9/17, it might be best to arrive by bicycle. We will be charging a fee to park in our lot except for OCBC volunteers and customers, but know that there will be quite the traffic jam and crowd around the neighborhood! 

Rodeo at the Lakewood Public Library!

On Sunday, September 18th OCBC will be presenting a bike rodeo in conjunction with the Lakewood Public Library.  This event is for any child or teenager who would like to learn bicycle skills and have fun!  For more information and to register please contact theLakewood Public Library.

OCBC Closed for Bike!Bike! 9/28-10/3

OCBC staff is heading to Detroit for this annual conference of Community Bicycle Organizations.   If you are interested in attending, sessions will be on that Fri. and Sat. -- more information and registration is here.

We'll be back to business as usual on Tuesday, 10/2, and hope to see you then.

Oct. Social Ride on Saturday 10/8 (not 10/1!)

Our monthly Social Ride gets all kinds of different folks on bikes for some casual sightseeing in the downtown area: last week's ride visited famous Cleveland sports sites.  Join us next month for a tour of bike infrastructure and industry -- but on Saturday, Oct. 8th(since OCBC will be closed on the 1st, as noted above).

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